Attention! Due to travel restrictions into Australia, the exhibition has been postponed until a later date. Please check here again once things have settled down.


12 Artists, 12 Animals

Mon 23 to Sun 29 March

In Japan, every year is assigned one of twelve animals to represent the year; Mouse, Cow, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Ram, Monkey, Bird, Dog, and Boar. These animals are know as Jyunishi (12 Animals of the Zodiac). These twelve animals are depicted here in a collaboration between ten Japanese artists, one German artist, and one Italian artist;

Each artist has chosen one of the Jyunishi animals to depict in their chosen medium (acrylic on canvas or paper, watercolour, digital art, marker pen etc.). Many of the artists will be showing their work in Australia for the first time, and some for the first time outside of Japan.

This unique exhibition is a collaboration between the following artists;

Accompanying the artworks is a short children's story which viewers can follow as they walk through the exhibition. The story will also be available as a picture book with 100% of the proceeds from the book going to WIRES (Wildlife Rescue).